Rising Silver

Even though Disme is a Collectible Trump Coin line they are the highest quality .999 silver coins on the market. Since silver just keeps going up and up I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what we could expect in terms of pricing and delivery times.

Trump Coin

Silver has reached 10 year highs and with such I want to try and inform everyone about what can and has happened before. In 2012 when silver ran to $50+/- a few big things happened.

  1. Demand went through the roof and there became supply chain issues. The important note here is that it is supply chain issues not that there is a lack of silver. The mint can only make so much per day and shipping carriers can only deliver so much per day and as we get a huge influx of new customers there will be some adaptation that needs to happen.

To compare it to Toilet Paper during covid there was not a shortage of toilet paper there was just so much demand that stores could not keep it in stock.

2. Wait times can get longer for preorders and I will fill each order in the order it was received. I will add the word (PREORDER) to each coin in the title and put in the estimated delivery dates into the description of each listing. I will also not be splitting orders so if you would like everything to come in as it is in stock please make sure to place your preorders on separate tickets.

Trump Coin

I will be updating each title and description with the word (PREORDER) and putting into the description estimated time frames so please make sure to read into each coin before you place a order if time expediated shipping is something you need. All time frames are just estimates and I am subject to the minting process and delivery.

I want to thank each and everyone of you and if there is anything I can do please email me directly at SERVICE@DISMECOINS.COM

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