2022 is going to be our biggest year yet! I have some great things coming down the pipe and on top of that it is Mid Terms! Rallys will be starting again and we have been told by RSBN we will have our spot back! I am so excited to be partnering with them again and to be on the forefront of every Rally we are allowed to be on. You can tune into each event at RSBNetwork.com. They showcase what it is actually like to attend one of these rallies. They do not censor, they do not edit, they just give true footage of President Trump and the attendees of each and every single Rally. It is absolutely refreshing to see how things are actually happening not as the Leftist Media cuts and edits to fit their narrative. It is disgusting how far and how bad they attack President Trump and we are blessed to have the great people over at RSBN to try and show the truth.

I also can not forget to mention TheGateWayPundit, they have been on the fighting side of president Trump and the right almost since day one. Over there you will find all the sides of the story that the left-leaning media will not share. They are the arbiters of truth and hope to continue to advertise with them throughout 2022. They recently were banned from PayPal without warning and are just another example of how Big Tech is slowly but surely coming for everyone that does not regurgitate the nonsense they deem worthy.

Hopefully, we can audit 2020 and finally prove without a doubt the fraud that went into Brandon’s big win. With this, we could then get rid of the ridiculous mail-in ballots and require ID with each and every vote. If there can be massive lines for COVID testing then there can be lines to vote for the most powerful job in the world!

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