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Coppers, Coppers, More Coppers, and one Silver

by Byron Laughlin on 15 Comments
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We Got to 1,000 entries last time, let's get past that the 3,000 mark finally so we can give out over 1,000 coins or $4,050 in retail Value. Tell all your friends to hurry and sign up.
March 31st, 2020
We are giving away:
Coppers, Coppers, More Coppers, and 1 Silver
1 lucky winner will receive our next design which is the Trump Card Commemorative Coin. "How can you lose when you have the Trump Card?"


 We will also give away copper coins as follows

WIth 250 entries we will give 5 copper coins to 5 people 
With 500 entries we will give 10 copper coins to 10 people
WIth 1,000 entires we will give 20 copper coins to 20 people 
And if we can get over 2,000 entries
We will give 30 Copper Coins to 4people
All you have to do is qualify is help us answer which coin would be the next best keychain design

Our last give away brought in a little over 1,000 people with everyone's help let's smash that record and get over 2,000 this time. Tell all your friends about this amazing Trump Commemorative Coin Giveaway.
Thank you for all your support and here is to MAGA 2020!
All winners must have a US shipping address.


  • by Christi Shea Coffee, Burkett on
    President Trump is the best president of my life he has gone up and beyond to save our great country! These coins wld be awesome to win ! TRUMP 2020
  • by George Bos on

    Right side broadcast is the best

  • by Scott Stromboe on

    Great coins!!!!

  • by Dan Tustison on

    Voted for President Trump in 2016 because he wasn’t part of the establishment. He has done a excellent job and can’t wait until Nov when he gets 4 more years. I’m so proud of President Trump, he has my vote.

  • by Tommy on

    This is great. We finally are here to see a great man show us yet again why he should be voted in for another term as POTUS. Veterans for Trump

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