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4th of July Independence Give Away

by Byron Laughlin on 128 Comments
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July 4th, 2020
We are giving away as much as we can! 
We will have 3 Main Winners that will be able to choose from a Limited Edition Desk Set, a Set of 5 1oz Silver Coins or a Limited Edition 2oz Coin.  Those Winners will be announced at the end of the Rally so make sure you sign up early. Silver
 We will also give away Copper Coins.

WIth 1,00 entries we will give 5 copper coins to 5 people 
With 2,000 entries we will give 10 copper coins to 10 people
WIth 3,000 entires we will give 30 copper coins to 30 people 
And if we can get over 5,000 entries
We will give 30 Copper Coins to 5people
All you have to do is qualify is sign up for our newsletter.

Our last Rally we smashed our previous record at 3,500 entires. Help us beat that again by tuning in and telling all your friends.
Thank you for all your support and here is to MAGA 2020!
All winners must have a US shipping address.


  • by Slate May on

    TRUMP 2020!!!!!!! Thanks for entering me in the giveaway. Thanks Disme & Right Side!!!

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