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2Q21 and Disme Coins.

by Disme Coin Co. on 4 Comments
2Q21 Is going to be for the record books and we are going to be right there with them.
We have a minimum of 24 designs that we will do in 2021 and this time we are going to limit the production on each and every one of them. Changes we are going to make this year are as follows


  1. Each one OZ coin both silver and copper will have a serial number
  2. We will only make 4500 of the 1oz silver designs
  3. We are only going to make 5,000 copper but will only sale 4,500 of those. The other 500 will be gifted away in our giveaways and as promotions.
  4. We will be changing the website so you can see future designs and place orders ahead of time. Making sure the most die hard collectors secure one of our limited designs.


  • by Susan Lester on

    Wondering when the site will be changing. Also, why does it say some of the Flynn coins have sold if the pre order doesn’t start until Feb.1 ?
    Love my coins!!!

  • by Nahaia on

    So, how do we get in on this giveaway??

  • by Ryan Fuller on

    All coins on this website are a special one of kind. The art work placed in these coins are anything but beautiful. Thank you DISME COIN COMPANY for supporting our wonderful POTUS. Keep making coins!

  • by Larrie on

    Let me know when the best is yet to come is availale for purchase

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