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1.28.2020 Massive Silver Give Away with RSBN

by Bold Commerce Collaborator on 240 Comments

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Today Only!
Giving Away $450 in Coins & Who Knows How Many Copper Coins, Help us give out as many as possible!
In addition, we will also give away copper coins as follows. 
WIth 100 entries we will give 2 copper coins to 5 people 
With 500 entries we will give 5 copper coins to 10 people
WIth 1000 entires we will give 10 copper coins to 20 people 
And if we can get over 2000 entires 
We will give 20 Copper Coins to 40 people THAT IS A TOTAL OF 800 COINS!
I know that everyone will help us make this the best one yet and if all goes well we will do this with every Rally we do with RSBN. Please leave comments below on what we can do better, what you would like to see, or just to say HI. We truly appreciate all the support and here is to MAGA 2020 & beyond!


  • by William Gawchik on

    Purchased several of the coppers. Nicely struck. From a seasoned senior Trump is the best president of my life time. We need to make room on Mt Rushmore for his likeness….MAGA WWG1WGA

  • by Beatrice Cole on

    Please pick me

  • by avi persky on

    love trump. keep america great

  • by Mike Matthews on

    I live in Brisbane Australia and I have been a big believer in President Trump from the get go when he started to run and followed the full impeachment issue. I would love to have something of his and would love to meet him in person one day.

  • by Annette Burns on

    Thank you Disme Coin for supporting our Greatest President Ever.

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